Profit Planning: How to Start Mastering Your Money Mindset

profit planning Dec 03, 2019

Got your mind on your money, and your money on your mind?

In the last week I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about money mindsets.

People want to know how to think differently about money, or they want to develop an abundant mindset but they feel held back.

Money is very personal, and depending on how you grew up socially, culturally and economically — this can be a very sensitive topic.

However, you’ve raised your hand to say that you’re here to serve people.

You’re in business my friend, and there are some ways of thinking you’ll need to subscribe to so you can build a solid foundation for your business.

In this video I break down 3 simple strategies to start turning your money frown upside down, and be sure you’re moving your business forward with a solid foundation.

  • Learn a simple value-driven profit plan to immediately reduce the overwhelm in setting your goal

  • I’ll explain why your personal spending habits are holding your business back

  • You’ll understand why a simple shift in your mindset will have exponential results in the way you show up for your business

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