Sales Coaching with Luis

You a solopreneur, sales professional or business leader stuck in a rut? Talk it out with me! I've been there, and I can guide you past sales anxiety, fear of rejection, and all the maddening mindsets that keep you from getting the results you deserve


What's keeping you from doubling your revenue — and your impact?

Knowing where to find clients

Pricing that doesn't feel right

Feeling sleazy or inauthentic

Handling tough questions

Demonstrating your value

Doing everything yourself

Asking the right questions

Closing deals with confidence

Tell me if this sounds like you...


It feels like pulling teeth to get calls booked.

You’re sick of chasing people.

You’re exhausted after answering tons of questions….from prospects who don’t buy.

No-shows are really draining your motivation.

Closing a deal has become so awkward and uncomfortable, you’re beginning to dread it.

You know there's a better way….

There is, friend. And it’s not just better, it’s easier.

Sales is daunting if you don’t bring predictability to your process. Don’t sweat it, though. This is totally my thing, and I love collaborating with ambitious people like you. I can guide you through the exact steps, scripts, and strategies and that you need to Get. Those. Sales.

Ready to move your career or business forward? Let me guide you.


During our coaching call, we’ll get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck. We’ll review your offers, look at your pricing, talk about positioning, write scripts, do a little math, all in service of developing a repeatable strategy to meet your sales goals.

This is how you build your dream career or business.

We’ll work on practical, actionable steps in three critical areas:

1. Revenue Planning:
Learn how to make the numbers work

  • Become a master at prospecting and dig into the metrics of success, including lead sources, email open and click rates, and conversion rates.

  • Guide your customer from interest to purchase—even upsell. We’ll talk pricing, packaging, and positioning.

  • And, yes, do a little math: We’ll cover sales metrics like call-to-proposal rates and proposal-to-close rates.

2. Sales Training: 
Yes, you can "do" sales — and feel good about it!

  • We’ll review your pricing and proposals to ensure you've translated your offer using language that speaks to your prospect
  • I’ll share secrets for successful negotiating and closing without feeling sleazy, overwhelmed or unprepared
  • You’ll get a call script and follow-up email templates so you can quickly implement on everything I teach you and start seeing results

3. Offer Launch Planning: 
You'll be irresistible to your target audience

  • We'll appraise your offer to maximize your potential, and hone your positioning to ensure it lands with your ideal customers
  • I'll help you develop a content strategy for growing your following and engagement
  • We'll fine tune your direct sales strategy so prospects have a great experience, and no opportunity is left on the table

Sound like a lot? It is! Because a lot can happen in 60 minutes...

I've helped solopreneurs, sales professionals, and business leaders:

  • close $50K - $1M+ deals in dozens of industries
  • turn around a failing launch or campaign
  • negotiate with greater confidence on pricing and value
  • design new offers from scratch with an accompanying go-to-market strategy

Don't just take my word for it...



Over $600M in Revenue Impact to Date

If you're ready to see your dream career or business take shape, I am SO ready to help.

Let's connect and I'll customize a call to guide you past the overwhelming anxiety or debilitating mindsets that are keeping you from getting the results you deserve.

Let's do this together my friend.