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Hola! I’m Luis, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I help solopreneurs, B2B sales professionals, and business leaders uncover their highest contribution—and experience breakthroughs in their revenues. I’m the creator of Your Revenue Rescue Plan, an online intensive designed to help solopreneurs and B2B sales professionals develop a winning sales playbook.

With over 16 years of sales, entrepreneurship, and global tech leadership experience, I’ve developed revenue enablement playbooks and frameworks that have helped sales professionals, startups, and online businesses achieve sales mastery.

Global Sales Executive and Coach for 15+ years — recruited to work at LinkedIn, Google, Uber, and Tesla

Have served Fortune 500 companies, startups, and online businesses —with over $600 Million in revenue impact to date

Creator of successful online sales training and coaching programs including The Sales Huddle and Your Revenue Rescue Plan

Guest speaker on over 20 business podcasts including ¿Quién Tú Eres?, The Online Business Show, and Brand Master Flash



Over $600M in Revenue Impact to Date

Personalized Sales: How Real Connections Can Produce Powerful Results

Available on LinkedIn Learning, this step-by-step action plan designed to elevate your customer's experience using personalized video. Build real connections with your prospects, plug the holes in your leaky funnel — and finally see the revenue breakthrough you deserve.


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Inspire your audience with the strategies, tools, and insights from a Fortune 500 intrapreneur and online entrepreneur. Here are a few topics I speak about:

  • How to Inspire Intrapreneurship in Your Business
  • Building High-Performing Teams by Leading With Authenticity
  • Developing a Scalable Sales Enablement Strategy
  • Creating an Inclusive Sales Performance Culture

Luis Keeps It Real

This content is dedicated to the person you’ll become in the process of growing your career, startup or online business. Beyond sharing the usual strategies and mindset hacks you’ve come to expect from a business and leadership blog, I share real insights about building the resilience and confidence to thrive on your terms. 

Trench Leadership Interview

Inspiring Intrapreneurship: An Approach For Developing a High-Perfo...

The ¿Quién Tú Eres? Interview


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