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You love cash, not sales. I get it — and we're going to change that now.

Hey I’m Luis! I teach entrepreneurs and course creators the strategies and profitable action steps for selling with confidence and authenticity.


Let's keep it real...

You know you’re meant to make an impact in the world, but truth is you won’t get there without cash in hand.

Figuring it all out by yourself is just about impossible, though.

You need someone in your corner who knows what it’s like being in the trenches, strapped for cash and time, losing sleep trying to keep a dream alive.

Launch an online consultancy, scale a local business, or manage a multimillion dollar Fortune 500 business — I’ve done it, I get it, and I’ve got your back.


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My 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets For Selling With Heart 

In my upcoming masterclass, I'll share my favorite authentic sales strategies for entrepreneurs who are on a mission but are afraid of being pushy, seeming sleazy, or getting rejected.


Clarity, Where Silicon Valley Strategy Meets NYC Hustle

Let's connect, and I'll guide you past the overwhelming anxiety of putting yourself out there, the debilitating fear that no one will buy, or feeling like a sleazy salesperson for growing your business.


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Let me teach you the value-driven strategy I use to close sales while being totally authentic. I'll also share my templates so you can copy, customize, and use them right away my friend.


Keepin' It Real

Check out my latest blog posts for inspiration, strategies and real talk about being in the trenches as an entrepreneur.


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