Ted Teo Business Show Interview

authenticity leadership Oct 08, 2021

It's your boy Luis, and do I have a treat for you today! If the thought of sales makes you cringe harder than hearing someone chew with their mouth open, then you’re in for a delightful surprise with today’s podcast episode.

We’re about to flip the script on sales faster than a pancake at a Sunday brunch. Get ready, because I’m diving headfirst into the heart of selling, and I’m dragging all of y’all with me!

Here's the rundown of our joy ride:

[00:00 – 03:20] Introduction: I start things off with a sizzle, setting the stage for a conversation that’s about to challenge every crusty old sales stereotype out there.

[03:21 – 10:15] Breaking Down Stereotypes: We're shredding those tacky sales myths like old tax returns. I’ll share how I’ve managed to climb out of the stereotype dumpster and brush off the slime.

[10:16 – 18:30] Sales from the Heart: It’s story time, folks! Learn why selling from the heart is like finding a good partner – it’s all about connection and keeping it real.

[18:31 – 25:45] Personal Stories and Turning Points: I'm laying it all out there – from my humble beginnings to the moments that made me say, “Okay, universe, I see you!”

[25:46 – 32:50] Strategies for Authentic Engagement: I’ll spill the tea on how to make genuine connections with your customers that stick like that last bit of glitter from a night out.

[32:51 – 39:00] Embracing Video Tools: Find out why I’m all about using video to sell—it’s like Facetime but you make money. Revolutionary, right?

[39:01 – 45:00] Q&A with Luis: I answer burning questions from our fab listeners, dishing out advice like Oprah gives away cars.

[45:01 – 49:50] Final Thoughts and Takeaways: Grab these juicy nuggets of wisdom that’ll have you selling like a boss in no time.

[49:51 – 51:30] Closing: We wrap it up with some final cheeky comments and a sneak peek at the glam and glitter we've got lined up next.

If you ever thought sales was all about slick hair and smoother talk, prepare to have your world rocked. Tune in, turn up, and let’s get this sales party popping! By the end of this episode, you’ll be so pumped about selling from the heart, you might just start selling ice to polar bears.

You can also catch the full episode here.