VIP Strategy Day with Luis

Is a standout online program on your horizon? Hankering for the map to golden revenues? Dream of a high-performing sales squad? Dive deep and collaborate for a day with a Fortune 500 intrapreneur turned online entrepreneur. We'll sprint together, igniting potential and molding tomorrow.


The Revenue Acceleration You Deserve

Ever had those 3am "Why is business SO hard?" moments? You’re bursting with dreams so big they make skyscrapers look tiny. But sometimes, it feels like you're in business quicksand, right? Like you're navigating a maze blindfolded.

Hold up! Imagine breaking free from that rut, today. Need a co-pilot with the right energy, toolkit, and some fierce flair? I’m here for it. Let's trade 'Stucksville' for 'Successville.' I’ve got the jumper cables, the directions, and a mixtape of strategies so fire, it'll get your revenue engines revvin' and those aspirations soaring. 

Ditch the "Guru", Call in the MVP

  • Over $600M in revenue impact to date; recruited at LinkedIn, Google, Uber, and Tesla
  • Lead a team of over 100 to over $80M in revenue in one year while at Tesla
  • Over 5 years of instructional design experience and over 10 years of virtual selling experience
  • Top author with Madecraft, and over 20,000 learners across LinkedIn Learning and Cornerstone (average 4.7 star rating)
  • Guest speaker on over 40 business and leadership podcasts; and at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Bard business schools

You thinkin' a VIP Strategy Day with me might be your jam?

Let's see if we match in the groove department:

  • Been at it for a bit: If you've been growing your biz for at least 5 years, we're already vibing!

  • Rakin' some moolah: Look, I'm not one for pocket-watching, but if you're averaging $20,000 or more a month, let's cha-cha!

  • Ready to werk: If you're prepared to roll up those sleeves and dive in deep with someone guiding the ship, we're golden.

  • Open to switchin' it up: Got a mind open to fresh perspectives and bold strategies? That’s the kinda energy I’m here for.

  • Seeking clarity, not just hype: If you’re after clear, actionable steps and not just motivational fluff, oh, we’re gonna get along just fine!

  • Hungry for more: Feel you're just scratching the surface of your potential and are craving that next level? Let's dig in!

  • Tired of the same solo: If you’ve been feeling like a one-person band and are craving some expert harmonies, let’s make some music!

Choose Your VIP Adventure

Ready to design that game-changing product, or maybe you're hankering for a sales playbook that's straight-up fuego? Or perhaps, you're itching to build a dream team that makes your revenue soar? Whatever your groove, your VIP experience will skyrocket your business to the heights you deserve. Let's make it happen, yo!


Launch your next online program

Program Design Studio:

Ever think about the treasure trove of wisdom and experience you're sitting on? It's time we broadcast that to the world, making the internet a whole lot richer with your insights—while building a revenue-generating asset for your business. With an engaging online program, you're not just sharing knowledge, you're creating a legacy.


  • A Program Curriculum that Sells: Ditch generic lessons. Get a tailor-made program design that directly addresses your audience’s needs, and ensures quality enrollments.

  • Engaging Content Blueprints: Every module crafted to engage, inform, and captivate. We're transforming passive learners into active enthusiasts — and brand evangelists.

  • A Promotion Strategy that Works: It's not enough to have an amazing program; you need it seen. Let's make sure your program isn’t a well-kept secret but a renowned sensation.

Grow your revenues

Sales Playbook Power-Up:

You've put in the late nights, the elbow grease, and poured your soul into your business. It's the culmination of your brilliance and hard graft. Now, let's shift it from being the industry's best-kept secret to its shining star, turning those just-browsing folks into your loyal customer base.


  • Persuasive Sales Scripts: Custom-crafted pitches and responses to objections that don't just communicate but deeply connect, turning hesitant glances into firm handshakes.

  • Effective Audience Targeting: Zero in on your tribe. We'll focus on those who genuinely resonate with your offering, ensuring every selling effort is bang on target.

  • Stellar Sales Assets: From captivating decks to concise one-pagers and compelling case studies, we're crafting materials that don't just inform but ignite interest, turning casual readers into raving advocates.

  • Strategic Revenue Planning Guide: Money talks, right? We’ll map out a clear, actionable revenue pathway tailored for your business, ensuring you're not just making money but making sense of every dime.

Build a high-performing team

Sales Squad Level-Up:

Fine-tune every rep on your team, blending individual talents into a harmonious, revenue-boosting performance. It's more than meeting sales targets; it's crafting a melody that resonates in the market.


  • Tailored Training GuideThis ain't your off-the-shelf manual. We’re talking custom assets and tactics for turning your team from "just selling" to "straight slaying" in the deal-closing department.

  • Revenue-Boosting Group Coaching Modules: Tailored sessions designed to supercharge your team’s performance, ensuring they're not just going through motions but soaring in sales.

  • Evolving Sales Feedback Toolkit: Stay ahead with adaptive evaluations and feedback mechanisms, ensuring your team consistently hits those revenue peaks.

  • Tech Stack Prescription: Ever feel like you're drowning in tools and software? We’ll lay out the exact tech cocktail your team needs, so they can streamline, automate, and dominate. No fluff, just the real potent stuff.

The Breakdown

Here's our vibe and frequency

  • Kickoff Call (30 min): Let's chat, spill the tea, and prep for our day of strategy magic.

  • 5-Hour Strategy Deep Dive: Whether you're feeling the virtual energy or seeking some in-person Sacramento sunshine, we'll immerse ourselves in business brilliance.

  • Post-VIP Glow-Up (45 min): A month post-strategy fest, we reconnect to ensure you're still strutting towards success.

Check the receipts! Dream results, lasting confidence




Over $600M in Revenue Impact to Date

 Decide Your Investment Strategy


  • Settle your commitment early, allowing you to focus solely on the transformative experience ahead.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no future payments, maximizing your prep time for our VIP session.

2 x $5,500

  • Manage your finances with ease, splitting the investment into two manageable parts.

  • Commit to your growth without the upfront pressure, ensuring you're geared up and ready for our impactful day.

Got ambitious visions for your venture? I'm in your corner

Let’s sync up, and I’ll design a VIP Strategy Day to sidestep those butterflies and mental hiccups. Slide into the waitlist for the fastest ticket to our collab. Together, we'll MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!