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entrepreneurship personal development Nov 20, 2023

Hey everyone, it’s Luis here, bringing you a snapshot from a fantastic episode on "Salesology Conversations with Sales Leaders," where I had the chance to chat with the queen of Cold Calling herself, Wendy Weiss. This episode is all about being your authentic self in sales, and boy, did we dive deep into what it takes to succeed in sales by staying true to who you are.

Episode Breakdown:

[00:00 - 05:00] Opening and Introduction:

  • Wendy kicks things off with a bang, introducing the podcast and welcoming me to the show. She sets the stage for a conversation focused on authentic sales strategies and how to make sales faster, easier, and more profitable.

[05:01 - 10:00] My Accidental Journey into Sales Enablement:

  • I share my backstory, from stumbling into sales to becoming a sought-after sales enablement strategist. It’s a journey of unexpected turns, leading to profound insights and a passion for empowering sales teams worldwide.

[10:01 - 15:00] Introverts Can Sell Too:

  • We debunk the myth that introverts can't excel in sales. I discuss how my introverted nature has been a superpower in creating deep, strategic connections and why listening often trumps speaking in sales success.

[15:01 - 20:00] Embracing Entrepreneurship:

  • The conversation shifts to the challenges and triumphs of starting my own business. I open up about overcoming imposter syndrome and how connecting with a community of online business owners helped me find my stride.

[20:01 - 25:00] Trusting the Process:

  • We delve into the importance of trusting your professional process and seeking help when needed. It’s all about taking consistent action and learning from each step, whether forward or backward.

[25:01 - 29:17] Storytelling in Sales:

  • As we wrap up, I emphasize the power of storytelling in sales—a technique that helps customers visualize their success, enhancing the impact and memorability of your pitch.

This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to refine their sales approach and truly connect with their customers on a deeper level. Whether you’re an established sales leader or just starting out, you’ll find actionable insights and inspiration to bring more authenticity to your sales process.

Catch the full episode here — and let's transform the way we think about sales by being our true selves, every step of the way!

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