Travel Agent Achievers Interview

Apr 15, 2021

Whether you’re shy, feeling guilty or just held back by Imposter Syndrome, this episode is for you.😎

I sat down with Roslyn Ranse, host of the Travel Agent Achievers podcast, to talk about how business owners in an industry hard hit by the pandemic can thrive.📈

If you’re having trouble...

➡️ Figuring out what to say to prospects because you’re afraid they don’t have money

➡️ Selling without feeling sleazy or like you’re being pushy for asking as a time like this

➡️ Staying organized and focused so you can pivot with purpose and stop fluttering

➡️ Getting people to pick up what you put down and helping them see the opportunities you offer

... then you’ll want to tune into this episode.🎧


I teach 2 frameworks for showing up and supporting people with integrity and heart — while still seeing the revenues you deserve.❤️

Thank you again for having me on the show @travelagentachievers!

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