Totally Clutch Interview

Oct 19, 2021

Feeling stuck?

Like most people who endeavor to start an online business, I invested in people who have businesses and brands that I really admire.

They offered online programs at $2,000 or $10,000 that really, at their core, feed into your aversion of selling.

They set you up with the automations, the templates, and the email sequences.

You get hooked up with the pretty website and all these tools… and they create all of the content based on your requests.

They listen to all of your feedback and give you everything that you asked for, but they did not serve of the one thing that that you really need — the confidence and resilience to guide someone through making an investment for themselves or their businesses.

Selling is advocacy for yourself, for the experiences, for the knowledge and expertise you bring to the table. It’s also about advocacy for the customer and for the consumer…

… and for me that is really about stepping away from this marketing-first paradigm that has been popularized in the industry.

Instead, I lead with an obsession over product development and validation — so that you never have to sell, and instead you’re guiding customers through the decision-making process.

I call this framework my B.O.O., or Business Order of Operations. I loooooooove my B.O.O., and I can’t stop talkin’ about my B.O.O.

In this episode of the Totally Clutch podcast, I sat down with host Angie Viehman (@clutchbusinesses) and introduced her and her audience to my B.O.O.

…a 4-part framework that leads with product design, leaves marketing for last, and helps business owners prioritize their investments and resources more effectively.

Thank you for having me on the show Angie, and for letting me share my story! I hope that hearts are opened and minds are blown.