The Out Entrepreneur Interview

Apr 14, 2021

Can you show up for work and do what you love… while showing up as your whole self?🤥

For many of us — particularly women, LQBTQIA+, and BIPOC professionals — we’ve had to face the ugly side of working in traditional and corporate jobs.

Being diminished, disrespected, devalued and discriminated against are not uncommon experiences at our dream jobs.💔

Some of us, certainly not enough of us, pursue entrepreneurship as a way of circumventing the unnecessarily oppressive steps of climbing the corporate ladder — and instead sitting at the very top of our own.

In this interview on The Out Entrepreneur, host @rhodesperry and I get all the way real about my experiences from being an out intrapreneur at Fortune 500 companies, to being an out entrepreneur with a mission to empower more underrepresented people to participate and thrive in our new economy.

We get into:

➡️ How to recognize your self worth and begin your practice of self-advocacy in the face of social and physical violence

➡️ New opportunities for creating and protecting intellectual property as path for building personal and generational wealth

➡️ The importance of visibility not only for personal growth, but for the empowerment of the community as a whole

➡️ Changing your relationship with sales and selling, and intentionally designing a process for making an impact while being your whole self in business


During our chat I break down how to implement a framework, action-by-action, so you can begin the path to building a business you’re proud of.🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


Thank you @rhodesperry for welcoming me to your show and allowing me to share my story with your audience! 

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