The Heather Sager Show Interview

Jul 30, 2021

There’s a tectonic shift happening in online business.

Consumers can smell the BS, they’re tired of automations and countdowns that create false urgency…

… and they’re done with subpar experiences.

Now more than ever people want to be seen, heard and understood before they would ever consider making a purchase or investment with a brand or business.

How do you up-level the customer experience, while reconciling your icky feels about sales and selling?

By keeping it all the way real, authentic and relatable. And that’s just how things got down on this podcast interview.

On this episode of The Heather Sager Show, I sat down with host @theheathersager to get in on all things authentic selling and industry inclusion.


▶️ How to shift the spotlight from yourself and your feelings about selling, and instead get obsessed with the customer experience

▶️ The 3 things all clients ultimately want and need from you 

▶️ Leveraging VideoAsk to spark conversations and create outstanding experiences for customers

▶️ Creating a safer and inclusive experience for clients and students leveraging video for greater visibility and accountability 

▶️ How growing up in poverty and being an out gay Latino sales executive in Silicon Valley has shaped how I use my voice and designed my business

Thank you Heather for holding space for me to show up as my whole self, and giving me the stage to bring up some really important conversations we should be having in the online business world. 🐻❤️

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