Replay: Instagram Live Q&A 11/14/19

live video Nov 18, 2019

Instagram is by far my favorite platform for connecting with fun, ambitious people like you.

The tools they offer for connecting directly with followers, combined with their user interface design, create opportunities for breakthroughs that I just don’t experience on other platforms.

My favorite of them all is the live video feature. Some of the best learning and coaching experiences I’ve had have happened over live video with top performing business leaders and mentors.

As I continue down the path of growing a purpose-driven business, I want to create space for these enlightening entrepreneurial experiences to happen — both online and offline.

Before going live I asked my tribe to submit their burning questions. Here are some of the ones I answered during last week’s Instagram Live Q&A session:

  • How do you pitch yourself without coming off as salesy, especially with warm leads?
  • Any suggestions for overcoming limiting money beliefs?
  • Any tips for asking for testimonials?
  • How do you create a big ticket offer?
  • Got any advice for avoiding getting too close to customers and not feeling like you’e selling to friends?
  • … and so many more

This was an absolute jam-packed session, and I didn’t hold back my friend. See for yourself in the replay above.

But before I let you dive into the video, I just have one quick question for you…

Will you help me create more of this magic? I’d love to hear from you! Or maybe someone you know who’s stuck on the path to starting or growing their business. Shoot me your questions in the form on this page, or come hang out with me on Instagram!

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