Merged Marketing Podcast Interview

Jul 30, 2021

How do you create a culture of inclusion and belonging in an online business?

In this episode of the Merged Marketing Podcast, I sat down with hosts Jason and David (@mergedmedia) to talk about what allyship and equity could look like in our industry.

I share my perspective on…


▶️ what keeps people from getting started (hint: not being seen, heard, invited, or understood)

▶️ the importance of taking risks, even if no one in the industry looks like you or shares your lived experience

▶️ how businesses can create measurable, attainable, and revenue-generating goals that also amplify other businesses

▶️ how entrepreneurship helped me walk away from toxic work environments

▶️ the importance of protecting your ideas and investing in your intellectual property

▶️ how I help clients shift their business from a marketing-first to a revenue-first paradigm


Thank you Jason and David for giving me the floor to share my perspective and ideas — I only hope our conversation opens hearts and minds to an inclusive future.