Launch It, Girl Interview

Apr 14, 2021

Are you distracted by all the marketing things… or avoiding sales?🤭

In the latest episode of Launch It, Girl, host @kinseymachos and I talk about transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship — and the marketing plateau that so many coaches, creators and consultants hit after launching.

What do you do when the algorithms and automations still don’t yield the revenue breakthrough you deserve?

You uplevel your skills and strategy — and I invited her audience to borrow inspiration from my high-ticket playbook.

Kinsey and I breakdown my framework for building relationships authentically while strengthening the connection between your marketing and sales:

1️⃣ Impress — be the go-to person in a community whenever there’s a question in your area of expertise

2️⃣ Inspire — when people enter your brand’s orbit, make sure to sustain their interest with tools and resources that inspire results

3️⃣ Influence — as people opt in and become leads, sustain their interest with personalized content that offers safe space, advice and examples

4️⃣ Invite — seamlessly transition leads to consultations with personalized video invitations using tools like VideoAsk

During our chat I break down how to implement this framework, action-by-action, so you can create your own high-converting process for your high-ticket offers.

Thank you @kinseymachos for welcoming me to your show and allowing me to share my story with your audience!

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