Future Forward Sales Interview

Jul 29, 2021

What do you get when 2 badass business boricuas step up to the mic?

A very enthusiastic “wepa!” and a whole lot of realness served up.

In this episode of the Future Forward Sales podcast, I sat down with host Gabby Scott to talk about all the ways that starting an online business challenges and empowers you.

We got into:

▶️ How having a side hustle enabled me to walk away from jobs with toxic work environments

▶️ My mission to bring Silicon Valley thinking and strategies to solopreneurs and micro businesses

▶️ The taps that lead me down the path of entrepreneurship, and the frustration I felt with being the only out gay Latinx person in the room yet again

▶️ The importance of visibility and seeing yourself in other leaders, and the responsibility I feel to share my experiences with the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders

▶️ Why it’s necessary to find a business squad to hold you down and keep you accountable, and how to find the right people to connect with


Thank you @petite2queen for having me on the show!

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