Bubbles & Biz Interview

Apr 14, 2021

My friend, I totally get it.

You don’t want a reputation for being pushy, sleazy, or overbearing.

I also know that your aversion to selling… has a little bit (or maybe a lot) to do with avoiding rejection.😬

You’ve probably been down the path of creating landing pages, writing email sequences, setting up automations and maybe even running a few ads.

But… when’s the last time you actually invited a customer to talk to you?

I’m talkin’ about the telephone, Zoom, FaceTime and any other way of having a direct interaction?📲

If you’re shy about getting on camera, or overwhelmed by the thought of speaking to large audiences, then try a new approach on for size — personalization.

In this episode of Bubbles & Biz, I sat down with host Nicole Bernard to talk about strategies you can implement today to take the pressure off of yourself from selling, and start to elevate the way you show up for customers.

To listen to the full episode, check the link in my bio.🔗


Thank you again for having me Nicole! Cheers to your continued success my friend!

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