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How to Plan Offers That Make An Impact

A Guide to Help You Narrow Down Your Business Model So That You Can Make a Difference in Peoples Lives Without Missing Your Revenue Goals

by Luis Baez

Can I take a guess?

You’re reading this right now because you’re not someone who likes to compromise… and I’m definitely picking up what you’re putting down.

You’re determined to crack the code in your business or industry so that you can start seeing the impact and revenue you know you can absolutely make.

Just like you, I’m multi passionate and I totally went down the path of trying to do all the things in my business.

Tried switching up my offers, priced my services based on the client’s ability to pay instead of my own needs, and ultimately ended up really frustrated that I wasn’t seeing the same revenue each month. 

As I got clarity and built confidence my offers became more streamlined, I had a greater sense of predictability in my business and finances, and things finally started to shift.

I’m reminded of my first session with one of my first clients, she’s a life coach who is gifted at helping people create transformation in their lives but felt overwhelmed learning how to run a business.

She shied away from the numbers, rushed to launch a website that didn’t really explain how she helped people, and because she felt in her heart that the work she does should be accessible to a lot of people — she offered a sliding scale rate for her services.

By the time she finally reached out to me for help she’d lost all confidence in her ability to serve people and started doubting if she’d ever have a successful business.

Does this sound like you?

No judgement, my friend. I’m not here to shame you in any way, I’m only here to help you shine brighter so that more people who need your help can easily find you.

One of the very first decisions you have to make when you start your entrepreneurial journey is what to offer. You’ve got to nail down who you’re going to serve, how you’re going to help them, and what to charge for their desired outcome.

Before you go further down the business rabbit hole, I want to help you make a really critical decision — here, and now. It’s time to plan your business model for the short and long-term.

Here are three ways that have been proven again and again to help businesses do really meaningful work while helping as many people as possible.

The Service Model

If you’re a coach or consultant, it’s very likely that you’ll get your start in business by providing a service to people, organizations or businesses.

This means you’re raising your hand to help and drive change because you’ve got a solution to a real problem.

The way that you serve could look like one-off sessions, monthly packages or 3-month packages. You narrow down your service after considering a few things:

The customer’s desired outcome

The amount of time it takes to guarantee that outcome

Any one-time or recurring expenses incurred by your customer or your business

Pricing that helps your customer feel confident investing with you

The Group Model

To help amplify the way that you help and serve, you can consider offering group coaching and learning experiences.

This work allows you to move beyond helping one person at a time, toward guiding a group of people through the same process, experience or journey. 

Your group offering could create the kind of community, collaboration and accountability that helps more people see more results without requiring the same availability of your time and energy as a one-on-one engagement. You narrow down your group offer after considering a few things:

How many people you can manage to support at one time

The frequency that the group meets or connects

The level of support you’ll provide

Creation of content and tools to help the group reach the end goal at the same time

The Acceleration Model

When you’ve got your offers and processes completely dialed in, and you’re making consistent revenue, it may be time to consider scaling your business using automation.

The creation and implementation of these systems allow you to reach and help people all hours of the day, and frees up your time to focus on the things that you love doing most.

Your strategies and systems will be tailored for the way you operation your business and the people that you serve. To narrow down which tools and processes to use, you’ll want to consider a few things:

How to package your knowledge or frameworks so they’re easily available to your customers

The tools that will enable you to serve people with ease and reliability

Strategies to make sure automation doesn’t take away the heart and soul of your business

Creation of content and tools to help the group reach the end goal at the same time

What’s next?

Did this guide help? Feeling like you need a little more sales lovin’? I’ve got your back, my friend.

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