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How to Decide If and When You Need a Sales Coach

A Guide to Help You Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into, Make Sure You Ask All The Right Questions, and Make a Confident Investment in Your Dream Business

by Luis Baez

Having a hard time making a decision?

You’re reading this right now because you’re someone who’s on a mission, and I’m here for it.

You’re excited about building a business that helps people, changes lives, creates community, AND makes money.

Just like you, I went down the path of looking for help, Googling and skimming through Instagram feeds in search of the magic strategy or the all-knowing guru that could change the game for me.

When I finally found an online business expert that seemed relatable and credible, I decided to take the leap and made the first big investment in my business — a coach.

Two weeks into his coaching program (no names because I’m not here for the tea or shade), I realized he wasn’t my guy. His teaching style wasn’t catered to me or the type of business I was building, and his program was missing a bunch of really important information that kept me feeling stuck.

Then I realized — the program was designed to keep me stuck because he was pushing more coaching packages. His business wasn’t on a mission to help my business, it was on a mission to make money.

This was one of the hardest lessons I ever learned in my business, one of the biggest burns I’ve ever felt. Now I’ve created a business that’s committed to never leaving people hanging when they’re pursuing their most important dreams.


Which brings me to you.

Imagine a very different outcome for yourself.

Your business is growing 10% month to month.

You’re not strapped to your desk or laptop trying to decide or figure out what to do next.

And you actually get to enjoy a day off. Remember those days? When you just slept in, went out with friends, connected with your person. The simple things that bring real joy to your life.

My friend, you can absolutely make a difference and live a life you love. No one said you have to compromise, but you absolutely need to commit.

Commit to asking questions, learning from people ahead of you, and getting the help you need to make your ideas thrive.

If you’ve ever considered enlisting support from a business coach or sales coach but thought it might be too much money, a scary step to take, or maybe even the wrong move to make — this guide is absolutely for you.

The truth is you’re going to need one at some point, or at several points throughout your entrepreneurial experience. And yes, yours truly has had coaches and mentors along the way too.

Even with all my sales experience leading teams and closing over half a billion dollars while recruited at LinkedIn, Google, Uber and Tesla… I had a lot to learn about being in business for myself.

There’s just no possible way I could have brought to life my vision of building a business that makes a difference and a profit at the same time… if I did it alone.

Whether you ever consider working with me or not, I want to help you make a confident investment in your dream business because I completely understand that the work you do will change lives, and I’m here for all of it my friend.


First things first… what the heck is a sales coach and what are they supposed to do for your business?

A good sales coach follows a process that helps you and your sales reps maximize their ability to influence the way investments are made, and create an impact.

The coaching process they use should:

  • >>> Be totally personalized for you, based on your learning style and experience
  • >>> Focus on teaching and improving your skills and techniques, not just crunching numbers
  • >>> Reinforce and correct any strategy, mindset or process that creates friction to generating revenue

Now, in my humble (and totally biased) opinion, a really good coaching process should also encourage selling with authenticity. I believe that when you’re building and growing a business that’s purpose- or impact-driven, you have to bring your whole heart to your sales process.

The confidence and clarity that you might be seeking in your business will come when you wear your heart on your sleeve my friend. I know from years of corporate and consulting experience that people will invest enthusiastically in businesses that plan, build, and lead with compassion.

For that reason, as you consider whether a business coach or sales coach could offer the support that you need, I want to share a few more thoughts with you.


What does sales coaching look like, and how will you know it works for you?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Most people who consider and search for a business coach or a sales coach and end up on the phone with me don’t really know what they need. They’re frustrated, scared and feel incredibly lonely in the process of building their business. Does this sound like you, my friend?

To help you narrow down the type of support that you need, here are a few ways a sales coach should be prepared and qualified to support you:

Review your marketing and optimize for sales

Help you create an offer and validate it

Shadow your sales calls and guide improvements

Schedule weekly planning and accountability calls

Review your correspondence with prospects to help negotiate and close

Act as your sales rep during a launch and help close sales

Help you create sales collateral, like decks and proposal templates

Develop a strategy for getting you more customers

Getting ideas already? Good, I want you to be inspired. I want you thinking bigger and thinking about all the possibilities for your business and the lives you’ll change with some extra support.

If you’re anything like me, your next question probably sounds like…


When is the right time to hire a sales coach?

If you’re asking me, yesterday. Day one. The best decision I ever made in my business was asking for help. While my first experience wasn’t the greatest, it absolutely helped me ask smarter questions as I picked myself up and kept moving.

I’m passing my hard-learned lesson on to you so you don’t make the same mistake. If these scenarios sound like your current situation, it’s definitely worth having a conversation with a coach:

  • >>> You’re not satisfied with the revenue you’re making, no matter what your business model is or how long you’ve been in business
  • >>> You’re just getting started, and have no clue how to price or package your services
  • >>> You keep pitching your offers over and over, but no one hires you or buys
  • >>> You hate working with the numbers in your business, but you know it’s time build your confidence
  • >>> You’ve had success getting steady revenue in your business, and you’re looking to scale by introducing new offers and using automation
  • >>> You’re considering making your first sales hire(s), and want support training them


What’s next?

Did this guide help? Feeling like you need a little more sales lovin’? I’ve got your back, my friend.

To help jumpstart your sales flow no matter what stage of business you’re in, I’ve created a step-by-step playbook that walks you through my value-driven sales strategy.

Not only do I share how to sell with heart, I also give you my behind-the-scenes templates so you can copy, customize and start using them right away. All yours.


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